BBI will customize training to fit your needs. We work with your sales team and managers in person or virtually, as the situation allows.  We specialize in teaching your salespeople to understand the needs of your clients and to develop strategies to meet those needs.  Our online training modules are designed to be presented in one-hour segments to facilitate learning.  These can be done live with your staff through Zoom.  When on premise with your staff, we combine sessions to create half days or full days of training.  Almost everything we do is customized to your needs.  We have over 40 sessions designed for all levels of sales professionals. 

Virtual monthly sales training session done live with your staff.

We know how busy your sales managers are today. We also know how important it is to equip our sales staffs with great skills.  We offer a monthly virtual sales training session done live with your staff. We customize the content and time to meet your station’s individual needs.

Here’s a sample of our topics for your sales staff:

Five Things We Must Do in 2021 to Be Successful: What are the most important new skills we must know to be successful in a post-COVID world? These new strategies will move us forward toward revenue recovery.

The Fine Art of Asking Questions: The Key to Success in 2021: We must understand our clients’ businesses on a new level. Where do they want their businesses to be by the end of the year? How do we help to get them there? We explore those topics in this session.

Getting to ‘”Yes”:  Closing is a process, not an event. We investigate the steps in the marketing channel that result in a positive outcome.

How To Be In The 20% That Writes 80% Of The Billing: This session gives you concrete steps to becoming a top producer at your station. Learn how to rise above the average and to become a leader in your sales organization.

Account Management 101: You have a list of accounts, now, what do you do with them? We discuss ways to organize your account list to maximize your time and to increase your billing.

Prospecting: Prospects are the lifeblood of sales people. But, most sales people are reluctant to prospect. We give you step-by-step directions on how to excel in this vital step.

Getting Your Foot In The Door: A light-hearted approach to getting noticed by your prospects. We give you ideas on what to do when all else fails to get you the appointment.

A La Carte Ideas: A smattering of great techniques to solve some of sales peoples’ basic problems in the sales process.

Selling Effective Radio: We want repeat business. We teach you how to create schedules that will work for your clients and will have them wanting to buy more radio.

Branding: We take a new look at the concept of using radio to imprint messages on the customer’s mind.

Questions That Make You Money: We study the three levels of questions that will elicit information during the needs analysis stage. The needs analysis stage is the basis for all sales relationships and proposals. We teach you how to uncover the needs of your client, and the pain that your client is experiencing because of those needs.

Questions Are the Answer: We delve deeper into the art of asking good questions. This is a companion session to “Questions That Make You Money”.

Why Clients Buy From Us: Why do some prospects buy and some prospects don’t? This seminar studies the buying motivations of clients.

Pain or Gain: It’s About Why They Buy From Us: Another look at what makes people buy. This module builds on “Why Clients Buy From Us”.

How To Ask For The Order: We cover some basic and not-so-basic closing techniques. These ideas are designed to make you money!

Writing Presentations for Today’s Clients: Now that you know your client’s needs, how do you translate that information into a great written proposal? This session gives you the format and techniques you need to create winning presentations that will result in sales.

How Do I Measure My Advertising: How many times have you heard that from your clients? We discuss effective ways to manage expectations and set goals for your clients’ schedules so that they will know if their advertising is working.

Integrating Digital Strategies into your Radio Campaign: Learn how to combine both digital products and radio to coordinate all aspects of your clients’ campaigns.

Management Sessions:

Creating a Culture of Excellence: Learn how to organize and lead your staff to higher levels of billing and satisfaction. Study how to coach your team to improve productivity.

Are you a Manager or a Leader? This session explores what managers need to know about the mechanics of managing and the techniques of being a leader.

Revenue Department Analysis Program: We come to your stations for a full week to analyze your revenue department. We look at your revenue reporting systems, forms, traffic systems and billing histories. We ride with your staff and management. Included are four training sessions on our basic sales system. Afterwards, you receive a report on our findings with suggestions for adding or deleting staff, training staff, coaching staff, and implementing measurement systems. This service is to provide an outside look at how your department is performing and what needs to be done to take it to higher revenue levels.

Our training solutions include:

  • Virtual monthly sales training sessions done live with your staff
  • One day, three day, and five- day visits to your station
  • Annual consulting agreements customized to your staff’s needs
  • Group seminars, live or online
  • Customized webinars for your staff

All fees are in addition to travel, food, accommodations, workbook preparation, and translation expenses.

If you are interested in scheduling training, you may contact us at Bryson Broadcasting International by email or telephone.