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15 November 2022
A Time For Thanksgiving

1 November 2022
The Bespoke Suit

15 October 2022
Are You Transactional or Relational?

1 October 2022
Is It Time For Renewals?

15 September 2022
Our Credibility Matters

1 September 2022
Our Clients’ Internal Dialogue

15 August 2022
What Happens When A Salesperson Leaves? Part Two

1 August 2022
What Happens When A Salesperson Leaves?

15 July 2022
Kindness Is Contagious

1 July 2022
What’s the Number 1 Concern Clients Have Now?

15 June 2022
Recruitment is a Hot Category Now

1 June 2022
Lessons From Bad Customer Service

15 May 2022
We Are Half Way Through 2022

1 May 2022
What I Learned About Great Customer Service At The NAB

15 April 2022
Why Should I Give You My Time?

1 April 2022
We’ve Always Done It This Way

15 March 2022
Expanding Our Footprint In The Community

1 March 2022
What’s Your Personal Brand

15 February 2022
The Radio Recipe

1 February 2022
Risk Versus Reward

15 January 2022

15 December 2021
I Went To A Christmas Parade

1 December 2021
What Will I Earn Next Year?

15 November 2021
The Beauty of Thanksgiving

1 November 2021
Let’s Put Advertising in Perspective

15 October 2021
Good Words: Bad Words

1 October 2021
Get Your Clients Ready for 2022

15 September 2021
Are Your Clients Getting Anxious?

1 September 2021
What Do Retailers And Agencies Want From Our Reps?

15 August 2021
Show Me Your Prospecting System

1 August 2021
What To Do If They Don’t Say, ‘Yes’

15 July 2021
Good Words: Bad Words

1 July 2021
Advertising And The 4th of July

15 June 2021
I Can’t Find Anyone Who Wants To Work

1 June 2021
What Do Your Clients Expect?

15 May 2021
I Just Called You: What Did I Hear?

1 May 2021
What’s In It For Your Client?

15 April 2021
On The Subject of Unexpectedly Good Service

1 April 2021
There Are No Traffic Jams On The Extra Mile

15 March 2021
Is Your Sales Staff The Best In Town?

1 March 2021
Great Service Alert!
I was a damsel in distress

15 February 2021
Sometimes It Takes Something Crazy

1 February 2021
Power Prospecting

15 January 2021
Getting Clients Ready for 2021

15 December 2020
It’s Christmas Time Again

1 December 2020
Communication is Key

15 November 2020
The Best Salespeople Are The Best Story Tellers

1 November 2020
It’s Time To Set Goals for 2021

15 October 2020
Holidays Are Just Around The Corner

1 October 2020
Who Is That Masked Salesperson?

15 September 2020
Sell Schedules Not Budgets

1 September 2020
How Many Ads Must I Run?

15 August 2020
Know Your Client’s Business

1 August 2020
Consumer Mindset Continues to Evolve

15 July 2020
Doing Business in Two Worlds

1 July 2020
Happy Birthday to Some Great Countries

15 June 2020
Customers Are Coming Back

5 June 2020
Partners Moving Forward

15 May 2020
Growth Categories to Target Now

6 May 2020
The World is Opening. Now What?

1 May 2020
The Anatomy of a Crisis

22 April 2020
Why Will Clients Buy Today Despite Coronavirus?

15 April 2020
Categories We Should Be Calling On Now

8 April 2020
How To Get Prospects To Talk To Us Now

1 April 2020
I Don’t Want To Be ‘That Guy’

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