Pat Bryson says she owes her success to the many mentors she’s had throughout her career. “Ken Greenwood, whom I first met when I was a student at the University of Tulsa and he was dean of the communications department, and Carl Smith, who first hired me in sales, were always there to offer advice and wisdom until their deaths a few years ago,” she says. “Finding people who may become invested in your success is vital. But it comes down to hard work and persistence. We will all have ups and downs in our lives and careers. How we respond to those events determines our success. Do we quit? Do we wallow in the setbacks? Or do we pick ourselves up and move on – find another way?”

And how is Bryson paying it forward? “I was fortunate enough to have received scholarships to the Executive Development Program and the Broadcast Leadership Training programs at the NAB. Those programs were life-changing. They invested in me. I want to give that back. And I’ve had the opportunity to do that with my clients. I’ve helped complete startup operations to create their infrastructure, hired and trained staffs for them, guided them as they grew.”

“I once worked with a wonderful lady who had won her station in a divorce settlement. She called and asked, ‘Can you teach me how to run a radio station?’ I was pleased to do so. I believe that the strength of the radio industry lies in large part with the smaller independent operators who spend their lives serving their communities of license. It is vital that they are profitable. My goal is to help them to be so by increasing the skill levels of their salespeople.”

Bryson goes on, “I also believe that we have one of the most important jobs in the United States. We live in a capitalistic system. Someone has an idea for a product, they make that product, advertise that product, sell that product, make more product, advertise that product, sell that product, etc. And so the wheels of commerce move round and round. The grease on the wheels of commerce is advertising. That’s what we do! We work with clients to help them to turn the wheels of commerce. ’Nothing happens till someone sells something!’ How true! Our jobs are vital to keeping America strong. And I believe that radio is the most effective way to influence consumer behavior.”