What our clients say about BBI

“I have never seen a group of media sales professionals so engaged! 150 people hung on every word as Pat Bryson’s experience and real life examples did the talking. In a world of so much information, Pat Bryson cuts through with the meat and potatoes that will stick with your sales team” – Daryl Mitchell Sales Director PositiveMedia Australia, Connect 20 Media and Arts Summit

Thank you very much for three outstanding sales training workshops! The broadcast account execs who attended your workshop rated it as one of the best training seminars they’ve ever been to with comments like:

“We really benefited from your expertise!”
“What a great learning opportunity: I wish I’d had this knowledge on my first day in sales!”
“One of the best I’ve been to in 13 years!”
“I must tell you that you’ve given me some excellent new tools and reinforced my good skills!”

I know they went away feeling that their time with you was well spent. Again, my thanks for a great job!

Very truly yours,
Washington State Association of Broadcasters
Mark Allen
Former President & CEO

“Radio Fresh!, Radio FM+ and Radio Mi-La Gold are among the sucessful radio stations in Bulgaria. We decided to Invite Mrs. Pat Bryson to train our local sales staffs.

Mrs. Bryson emphasized selling business to Direct Clients. We went through the different stages of the sales process, focusing on the best techniques for customer needs analysis and the presentation of our services to the customers. In fact, our sales people learned much about how to be more successful and effective. The application of this new knowledge gave us real results immediately after the training.

We are very glad and happy that we had a chance to use Mrs. Pat Bryson’s professionalism in order to raise our revenue and to give the salespersons the opportunity to go to the next level in their profession.

Thank you, Pat.”

Assoc Prof. Plamen Radinski, Eng. and PHD ( Electrical), MSc ( Economics) and former CFO and Sales Director of Radio Fresh! and Radio Mi-La Gold- Bulgaria

“At WLPO/WAJK/WLWF, our sales staff refers to Pat as the ‘expert’; I call her our ‘savior’….if you’re looking for an excellent sales coach, you should call her!”
Joyce McCullough; former Vice President and General Manager WLPO/WAJK/WLWF

“The revelation of the Radio Conference Poland were undoubtedly Pat Bryson’s radio-sales seminar sessions. Pat has the talent to overcome cultural barriers and magnetised the room with turn-key solutions to turn cold leads into hot sales. The feedback we received was positive all over the board, from the major sales houses serving national clients to local radio alike, and we hope Pat will find time to return to Poland real soon!”

Cesco van Gool and Alina Dragan, Radio Conference Poland .

“Pat Bryson is very adept a combining theory with practice and hands-on training which is highly effective and appreciated by journalists working in countries where they have received only the traditional theoretical training. Drawing on her professional experience, Pat Bryson has been very successful in teaching marketing, business and management skills. Pat also has the ability to gain a very good understanding of local broadcasting systems which allows her to respond to the various needs as they arise.We highly recommend Pat Bryson for your program. You will know why once you have worked with her.”

Sokol Mici and Vjollca Mici

“I would like to recommend Pat Bryson as an exceptional radio management trainer, advisor and consultant–especially in the international arena. Pat conducted a highly successful training program for Albanian broadcast managers in conjunction with the International Center for Journalists. Among her many exceptional qualities:

*an excellent and indepth knowledge and understanding of radio management
*dynamic and effective presentation of materials
*a focused and organized approach to training, and
*an excellent aptitude for adapting the knowledge she has gained as an American broadcaster to the very different market conditions of a post-communist society.”

Susan Lavery

Dear Ms. Bryson:

I attended your Broadcasting Seminar in Almaty, Kazakstan. I would like to recommend your services to anyone wishing to learn more about the process of selling radio. We received good feedback from the broadcasters, journalists and faculty members who attended the seminar. The sale of advertising on radio and TV is an emerging industry in Kazakstan. Your techniques pointed the way for us.


Gulnara Medeubeiova
Senior Teacher of International Department of Faculty of Journalism of Kazak State National University.

“Pat’s multifacted personality enables her to be a great manager–very smart, efficient, supportive, imaginative and decisive. Her people skills are the best I’ve seen. I watched in amazement as she interacted through an interpreter with a large group of professional women in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and left them hanging on her every word. I’ve seen her do the same with a class of broadcast students at Oklahoma State University.”

Maureen Nemecek
Associate Professor Emerita
School of Journalism and Broadcasting
Founding Director of the School of International Studies Graduate Program
Oklahoma State University

Dear Ms. Bryson:
The Association of Independent Electronic Mass Media Organizations of Central Asia was pleased to welcome your seminar on Advertising Sales for Radio and TV. The one hundred plus broadcasters and journalists who attended your sessions were impressed by your knowledge of the subject and your ability to transcend cultural barriers and to make your material relevant to our needs. I highly recommend your services.


Roziana Taukina
Association of Independent Electronic Mass Media Organizations of Central Asia.

Radiodays Denmark